Accessing Restricted Software


The Carnegie Mellon Computer Store offers some products under volume licensing arrangements that allow them to sell licenses independently of the media itself.  We’ve copied the media of a few products to \\, allowing departmental users to only have to purchase the license and not the media.


To gain access to restricted media on Chemserv you’ll need to show proof of payment of a license.  The easiest way to do this is to email your Oracle charge number to the Computer Store at and carbon copy me ( and I’ll add your ID to the access list to the appropriate folder on Chemserv.  For example:




Subject: purchase of Acrobat Professional license


Hello Computer Store,


I’d like to purchase a license for Acrobat Professional 7.0 for Windows for $39 as per  This is for use on my laptop in room MI-###.  I do not need media as our department already has a copy of the media available.  Please charge this to Oracle account ###.


Below are the products that are available on Chemserv by buying licenses through the Computer Store.  These are single-install licenses, so you will need to purchase a license for each machine the software is to be installed on.



Also, Microsoft Office is available for free on Chemserv for university owned machines.  If you are a student and this is for your personal machine, you will need to instead buy a CD of Microsoft Office from the Computer Store for $15, good for a one-time install.


Site-licensed products such as Mulberry, SSH, and X-Win32 can be downloaded from


See the ‘Chemserv’ link at for information on how to access Chemserv.