Verifying your computer’s network registration information:


  1. Find your computer’s hardware address
    1. Start menu, Run, cmd.  This will bring up a Command Prompt
    2. In the command prompt window, type: ipconfig/all
    3. Record the Physical Address for your Ethernet adapter.  (Physical Address is a synonym for Hardware Address)
  2. Go to the web page
    1. Log in with your email ID and password.
    2. All computers registered to you will appear in a list.
    3. Check the ‘Hardware address’ column to see if your computer appears in the list.


If you’re computer isn’t on the list:

The computer is registered to someone, otherwise it wouldn’t be working on the network.  Email me ( the hardware address of your computer, and I can look up who is currently listed as the owner, and either add you as an additional owner, or transfer ownership, depending on which is applicable.

If you’re computer is on the list:


If your computer is registered under a non-descriptive hostname (ex: ‘’), please change the hostname to something that helps identify the computer (ex: ‘’), and put the room number and other useful information in the User Comment field (ex: ‘MI-438, Dell Latitude X300’).

If your group has a student or staff member who is also responsible for the computer, add them to the list of owners by clicking the ‘View/Update Protections’ link.  There is no need to add me or Ken, because we both automatically get email on all chem/bio/mcs machines through being members of the various dept:* groups that you’ll see listed in the protection list for your machine.